Monday, September 8, 2014

Three Miniature Christmas Trees That Cost Less Than Six Dollars

I came across these festive miniature Christmas trees that would be perfect addition to any room or office space you wish to decorate for the holiday without breaking the bank.

They are all three around $5.00 with free shipping!

During the holiday season, which usually last from the day after Thanksgiving to the New Year, I love to have little trees around to brighten up the space I'm in. Because these are all around five inches tall they don't take up much space but add a lot of ambiance to the environment.

These would make great gifts for office mates and friends that stop by unexpectedly. At the price it makes sense to keep a few extras around to share. When  your friends and family put out these beautiful little Christmas trees from year to year they will remember  you.

I especially like the USB Christmas Tree with multi colored LED lights. While the one featured here shows clear lights that make the tree appear blueish, I love how you can order these in different colors like, red, green, dark blue and even purple!



Larraine Gayton said...

Oh these miniature Christmas trees are so cute! You can add some Christmas atmosphere just about anywhere! I like the blue one!

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